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4-H is an opportunity for boys, girls, parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to become involved as volunteers to influence the development of youth.

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About 4-H

  • 4-H is small town, downtown and uptown; in high rises and suburbs; in the country and on the farm. 
  • 4-H members, parents and leaders have fun as they learn and work together in the home, family, neighborhood and community.
  • People in 4-H operate like a team with common goals and an interest in helping one another. Parents, relatives, neighbors and others provide leadership to 4-H’ers by:
    • Assisting them in deciding what they want to learn and do
    • Guiding them in deciding what help is needed
    • Helping them learn skills to accomplish their goals
    • Assisting them in assessing progress toward meeting their goals
  • 4-H members, parents and leaders participate in projects, activities, events and meetings.  They learn skills that help them get along better in their families, the community and the world or work.
  • People interested in 4-H usually form a club. The 4-H Club is one of the major methods of involving people in the 4-H program.  It serves as the center of activity which generates enthusiasm for participation in 4-H
    outside the club.  And more importantly, it serves as a center where youth can find the caring and support
    they need to learn skills they will use throughout their lives.




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